Gardevant’s Top 5 Biometric Blogs

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The biometric system market is projected to increase to $32.73 Billion by 2022, and 62% of consumers said they are comfortable using biometrics.

Biometrics is being integrated into everyday life. Australia is considering using biometric recognition for border processing and eliminate the use of passenger cards and physical tickets. Some banks in the U.K. replaced the pin with biometric voice recognition, and hospitals in India are using biometric authentication to identify and clock in employees.

Stay informed of the latest news and trends in biometrics. These are some of Gardevant’s favorite blogs.

Biometric Update


Whether you want breaking news about the different companies in biometrics, or whitepapers and reports on biometric markets, Biometric Update has it all. Readers can find daily news, opinion pieces and in depth-informative articles on this biometric focused website.

Audience members who have intermediate knowledge about the biometric market and are interested in integrating biometric technology into their company will benefit from this publication.


M2SYS Blog on Biometric Technology 


From biometrics being used for access control to in-depth posts about different types of biometric authentication, the M2SYS Blog has it all.

M2SYS frequently features guest writers and the opinions from leaders who are in the biometric industry. Readers who are interested in learning what industries biometrics is currently being integrated into will benefit from this publication.


Find Biometrics


Regarded as one of the industry’s leading resource for information, Find Biometrics has been reporting on biometric news for more than 10 years.

News articles, press releases with the latest scoop on companies, webinars, and video interviews with leaders in the industry can all be found at Find Biometrics. Both readers with no background in biometrics as well as readers who work in the field can benefit and learn from this blog.


Planet Biometrics 


Planet Biometrics is the perfect site for readers who are interested in biometrics but have no previous knowledge or background. With videos, articles, case histories, white papers and cartoons that explain and breakdown the latest use and discoveries of biometrics.

Planet Biometrics is the perfect site for readers that want their news succinct and straight to the point.


Gardevant is a biometric blog that specializes in biometrics and the financial services industry.

Through our Gardevant blog we share:

  • The latest news on biometrics used among consumers
  • The latest reports on credit card fraud and identity fraud
  • The latest news on biometrics being implemented in banks around the world
  • The latest news about The Gardevant Card 


For more information on Gardevant and our mission, visit our website and connect with us on Twitter and Facebook.


Biometric Security Trends by the Numbers


By 2022, the global biometric sensor market is expected to reach $1.5 billion. This new technology will soon be incorporated in the government sector, commercial retailers, banks, hospitals and other industries.

Why should you care? Because biometrics will become an everyday part of your life.See by the numbers what the latest trends for biometrics are.

The New Password


 The number of people’s private information that was stolen in the multiple data breaches in 2016. The password is proven to be a faulty security method, and different industries including banks, mobile phone manufactures, airlines and more are looking into using biometrics to authenticate and verify people’s identity.


Biometric Healthcare


Is the estimated amount researchers believe world healthcare biometrics will reach by 2019. In 2016 the University Health Care System implemented a biometric patient identification platform to prevent negative experiences and complications due to patient misidentification. India is also implementing staff biometric identification among government hospitals. Starting February 15 all doctors and healthcare staff at Rajasthan government hospitals will have mark attendance with biometric verification.


Facial Recognition Security


Is The Homeland Security Advanced Research Projects Administration’s new budget for their biometric database. Under Trump’s new leadership, publications believe that facial recognition will be used to prevent and stop terrorist threats. A portion of this budget will be used to explore facial recognition surveillance methods.

Biometric Banks


Of U.S. millennials said they would use fingerprints for bank account access, and 25% of UK consumers believe that banks should have higher security measures that better protect user’s finances.

Banks and other industries that are interested in using biometrics for verification and security can depend on Gardevant.

The Gardevant Card is a multimodal biometric card, and no type of purchase is authorized without the authentication of the user’s fingerprint. In addition to biometric verification, the Gardevant Card is encrypted to protect all funds in the case of a security breach.

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