Avoid Credit Card Fraud During the Holidays


The holidays are here and hackers are ready to steal credit card information from unsuspecting shoppers.

The New York Times reported that in late November hackers placed hundreds of faux apps in Apple’s App store, in an effort to trick consumers and collect their data.

People spend billions of dollars in stores and online during the holidays.  American’s do almost half of their holiday shopping online. Experts project that profits will reach $105 billion.*

Many hackers take advantage of this online shopping trend and target shoppers’ bank accounts.  In 2015, between Thanksgiving and Christmas, the average daily number of malware infections was up 84% compared to the previous month.

Don’t fall victim to credit card fraud with these tips.


  1. Don’t Use Debit Cards

When you use a debit card for online purchases, a hacker can pull money directly out of your checking account. Avoid using debit cards and instead choose a credit card with added protection to make online purchases to prevent thieves from spending all your funds.


  1. Don’t Use Public WIFI

Start and finish all holiday shopping at home with the protection of your own WIFI.  You don’t know the security levels of public WIFI. A hacker can hack into the network and access all online shopping information.  Some hackers even create counterfeit WIFI networks to attract people.  A rule of thumb to test whether a WIFI network is legitimate is whether it requires a password or not.  If a WIFI network doesn’t need a password, be advised it may be a trap.

Harris Poll conducted a study and found that one in five consumers made a sale on their phone on an unsecured WiFi connection.  15 % have conducted other financial transactions like online banking or bill pay.


  1. Is That Website Secure?

Make your purchases only on websites that use encryption to protect your private information.   Scan your web browser for a padlock icon, each time you consider making a transaction.  All websites with the padlock icon signify that the website has encryption as an extra layer of security.


  1. Use a card with biometric authentication GardevantCard

Protect yourself against credit card fraud with an encrypted, and multimodal biometric card that authenticates, verifies and protects the cardholder’s identity: The Gardevant Card

With an added layer of security, the Gardevant Card uses biometric authentication to keep all users safe while online shopping. A fingerprint scan is required to complete any purchase.  Use the Gardevant Card to be in full control of your finances.

For more information, go to Macate.com  or contact info@gardevant.com to set up an appointment and see what Gardevant can do for you!



* The National Retail Federation (NRF)




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