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The financial services industry lost $3.2 billion last year due to online credit card fraudulent charges. By 2020 credit card fraud will exceed $10 billion.

Luckily, there is now a viable solution to credit card theft.

The Gardevant Card is a patented, biometric card that authenticates, verifies and protects card holders’ identities for every purchase.

The Gardevant Card made its official debut at Money 20/20 this year, and the timing couldn’t have been more perfect.

Biometrics used to prevent credit card and identity fraud was a hot topic at this leading financial service industry conference. Speakers on the Biometrics Panel all agreed that the PIN and password are weak safeguards, and more effective authentication methods are needed for truly secure payments.

Gardevant understands the stress and consequences of credit card and identity fraud: damaged credit, endless phone calls, uncertainty and financial loss. Gardevant is the solution to solving these pain points



For more information about biometrics, the Gardevant Card and our mission, please follow our blog and visit our website.




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